Policy & Advocacy

CSLNet works at the national, state and regional levels to advance policy changes that will improve the quality and availability of STEM education.

We build close working relationships with state legislators, regulators and administrative leaders, as well as other statewide policy advocacy organizations, to inform and shape key policy decisions.

Find out more about how we accomplish this increasingly important work on our STEM Leadership page.


Regional Networks

CSLNet Regional STEM Networks are strategically placed around the state to actively build partnerships that engage students, teachers, and community stakeholders while also addressing regional needs in STEM education.  Click here to find the network closest to you.



North State STEM Joins as 10th Regional Network!

CSLNet proudly welcomes our 10th Regional Network partner – North State STEM. The new group is a collaborative impact model of the nine northeastern California county offices of education within the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) Region 2 ..read more here.



2015 CA STEM Summit Registration Open!

Don’t miss the state’s foremost gathering of STEM education and workforce leaders! Get early bird pricing by registering for the 2015 California STEM Summit March 16 & 17, 2015 here.  Visit the summit website for more details.  See you there!

Governor Signs Computer Science Bills

CSLNet is pleased to announce that Gov. Jerry Brown signed computer science bill AB 1764 into law September 30th.  This bill will allow school districts to award students high school credit for one math course if they successfully complete one UC/CSU approved computer science course.  This will only be offered in districts that require more than two math courses for graduation. Click here for full announcement.

CSLNet CEO Talks About New Policy Brief on KCBS

CSLNet’s CEO Christopher Roe was interviewed live 9-22-14 on KCBS 740 AM for the unveiling of a new policy CSLNet policy brief titled: “Computer Science Education in California: From Kindergarten to the Workforce”.  Find the entire interview by clicking on the “News and Events” tab.

New CSLNet Policy Brief Aims to Strengthen Computer Science

With California being home to some of the world’s leading technology companies, one could easily assume that the state also leads the pack in producing the top talent needed to staff them.  Unfortunately this is not the case, as outlined in  Computer Science Education in California- From Kindergarten to the Workforce, the new policy brief released today by the state’s leading Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) organization, the California STEM Learning Network (CSLNet).  Download the report via the link above. Click here for the full press release.